We’re moving to Hanoi!

My husband and I both share a great desire to travel and we are making our dreams come true. Several months ago he turned his resume in to a recruiter. He told him I want to make X amount of USD per month but other than that we’re open to the world!

The recruiter was not very hopeful. Apparently most international schools are looking for singles. Often times the spouse ends up miserable and wants to leave so schools simply avoid the problem by only hiring singles. We heard nothing for a long time.

Then a month ago the recruiter emailed that my husband had an interview for a job in Vietnam! He interviewed via Skype and got the job! We move to Hanoi on August 5th! I’m so excited I can barely focus on school and life here.

He will be teaching at the International School of Vietnam and our daughter gets to go there for free! I will be finishing up my degree online and enjoying asian life!

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