Utila: The most beautiful disgusting place ever!

I will start this post with stating I have done a lot of traveling. I’ve been to 47 of the states, I’ve been to Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala. While Utila Island is completely different than main land Honduras so I can’t really say I know Honduras I can for sure say that at least this part of Honduras is one of my least favorite places I have ever been. It’s all in the people.

So we came to Utila Island Honduras for scuba diving lessons. Utila is on the Caribbean Sea and it’s absolutely gorgeous here. We’ve had a slight change in plans and we’re staying longer for Brandon to complete his advanced level scuba training.

Sure it beautiful here but I hate it and I can’t wait to get the heck out of here! I’m a people person and the people here are awful. To be honest I would take Gainesville Georgia over Utila Island and for those of you that know me you understand now my distaste for this place. utila dock

#1 I thought my language was bad but everyone on this island cusses like a sailor including the very young children. I overheard a 4 year old child scream at his mother “Fuck you, you cunt!” It’s difficult for me to type that sentence let alone hear a 4yo scream it. And that’s not an exception. All the kids are nasty to their parents and all other adults and no one does anything about it.  Kids here kick and beat dogs, they torture cats and they swear at adults. I had to tell my daughter that she can’t play with the kids here anymore because after just 2 days she was picking up nasty habits from them.

(additional) I took a break just now while making this entry and while walking back to my room I overheard a mother yelling at her 2 year old and calling him a “little shit” for not listening to her.

#2 I am terrified of water. Almost phobia level afraid. I thought I was going to face my fears and learn to scuba dive but I chickened out. Instead I was going to spend time in the water while Brandon was out taking his lessons, teach myself to swim, and get used to water. The first time I built my courage up and picked my feet up off the ground and put my head in the water someone here took the water hose and sprayed water on my back. It absolutely scared the fuck out of me and I almost peed myself. The next day when the same person asked me why I wasn’t out taking lessons I said I just didn’t feel like it and he teased me like a 5 year old saying “you’re scared, you’re scared” in a stupid voice. Since then I’ve been made fun of several times and several people have threatened to throw me in the water. I fucking HATE almost everyone on this island.

#3 People have parties, bar-b-ques, or just go out for dinner together and don’t invite us. Not only do they not invite us they talk about it right in front of us and then walk of without inviting us. 2 nights ago we walked out on the dock because it’s cooler than in our room and lo and behold everyone from the school (but us) was there having a party! There was ceviche and alcohol and music. Yep, everyone from the school: teachers and students and owners but no one bothered to tell us about it. A couple days ago I was chatting with a young couple for about 45 minutes when they talked about going out to eat. Another couple walked up and the people I was talking to asked them if they wanted to go out to eat and then asked the girl sitting right next to me if she wanted to go and then they all just got up and walked away without even saying good bye. Now I’m a pretty nice person. I’ve never in my life had anyone tell me different. I smile, I’m funny, I’m nice, I talk to everyone. I’m not any different here. The people here are assholes.

#4 My daughter dropped one of her flip-flops in the ocean. I was very angry with her because I’ve told her several times to not leave them on the dock because the wind will blow them in the water. She can swim but she’s not the best in the world. I knew where her flip flop was she  could stand so I made her jump in after it. Apparently she didn’t know she could stand there and she started panicking in the water. When I told her to put her feet down a local woman that was on the dock laughed hilariously and yelled at my daughter that she’s stupid. That’s how they roll here. Everyone is an asshole.

#5 There’s a 6-7 week old kitten here at the dive school. Yesterday it feel through a crack in the dock and was washing away in the ocean. Someone jumped in and saved it. When I suggested placing a towel over the crack so that wouldn’t happen again I was told “The cat has learned it’s lesson now.” I said I think you’re giving too much credit to a 6 week old kitten. Everyone around ignored my request and said the kitten will either live or die and it’s got to learn. I wonder if they raised their children that way?

#6 The people here are VERY racist. Utila was a British colony, the people are mostly white and black(descendants of slaves) and the main language is English. Over the past 20 years hispanics from the mainland have been moving over. The locals hate it. They call them invaders and say they are “ruining our island.”

I could go on and on. I could get the list up to at least 200 and we’ve only been here a week. Drunks and assholes is what I associate with Utila Island. If you want to get scuba certified for really cheap come on down! And if you live to party come on down! If you’re an all-round nice person and being surrounded by jerks is not appealing to you then I suggest taking your 4 day course, steering clear of everyone else and getting the hell out ASAP!

With all of that said I have met a few people (less than 5) that I do like.  Actually it’s 3. I’ve met 3 people here I like.

I keep reminding myself that the people here are poor and uneducated and trying to make myself feel better but no: these people SUCK! I’ve met poor and uneducated people all over the Americas including in the US and and these are the worst.