Who Is Devidyal?

That’s me in the sunglasses. I’m wanderluster that fills her desire to see the world by teaching at international schools. I teach world history and advanced placement world history and I absolutely love my job. I’ve never been happier in my life. My husband and I both have a deep-seated passion for travel and seeing the world. We love to learn about new cultures, we love learning new languages, we love eating new foods, and we love making new friends. And so, here we are! We’ve lived in the US, China, Benin, and Kazakhstan together and traveled in far more places. We’re always looking forward to living in the next place.

As of the time of this writing the two of us have visited 39 countries together and we’ve taken our fourteen year old daughter to 27 of them. We’ve traveled in over half the US states together, 15 Chinese provinces together, we’ve driven through 19 European countries together, we’ve driven through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan together, we’ve backpacked from southern Peru up to the Yucatan. All the while we’re exploring not only the popular museums and attractions but also the off the beaten path places you’ve never heard of.

I speak fairly decent Spanish, French, and Chinese, and I’m working on learning some Russian now. My biggest passion in life is to learn. I love learning. I’ll research a new thing just for the fun of it. I’m an avid reader. Studying and learning new things are the things that make me happy. That’s why I like traveling so much.

I’m an avid Google reviewer. Mostly I end up reviewing food but that’s because my intense travel is only two months a year. Look me up and follow me on Google Maps. I’ll give you tips on everything from coffee shops, to hotels, to parks, to museums, to hamburgers to, well, anything! all over the world!

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