To clear some things up

You may have heard by now that I’m moving to Vietnam. My husband got an amazing job there and I am so excited I can hardly wait. Classes are almost impossible to concentrate in and if I could leave right this minute I would.

There’s one thing I would like to clear up. I have been asked the same questions over and over again and they go like this:

So what about your education? You’re just expected to give up everything for your husband and follow him?

The first time it caught me off guard? Give up everything? WHAT????

So let me explain this to everyone clearly:

My BIGGEST DESIRE in life is travel.

My second biggest desire in life is adventure.

Yes, education is very important to me and yes I have been quite obsessed with neuroscience for over a decade and yes I was planning to get a PhD in neuroscience. BUT that was only because we were not traveling and adventuring. As long as I was stuck in one place for more or less the rest of my life I wanted to continue my education in the world of science and research.

I dropped out of school the first time around and I’ve had a fun life and much to many adults in my life’s chagrin I have not really regretted it. I met a wonderful man that encouraged me to quit my hourly paid job, go back to school, and study the things that fascinate me and I did it! I’ve loved being in school but I assure you the thing I want to do the most in my life is travel!

I want to see every country and experience every culture. Since it didn’t look as if that was going to happen I was happily settling for 9 years of school and hopefully finding a job in academia for life. I could easily see myself doing brain research for the rest of my life and being happy with it.

Yay!!! That’s not the life I’m going to live after all! I get to travel! I get to see the world! I get the adventure I’ve always wanted and I get to do it with my family! I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful, adventurous daughter!!

I am SO VERY, VERY excited for this next phase of my life.

As far as education goes: my husband had to convince me that since I’m so close to a degree now I should continue taking online classes. Heck, I was ready to throw it all to the dust! I’m sure he’s right. Maybe in a few more years we’ll be in Europe long enough for me to finish a PhD program there.


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