First 18 Hours in Poland

We specifically came to Poland to help with refugees and the war effort. My husband and I feel passionately that this is a very important time in history and we want to know we did what we could to help.

I’m seeing with my own eyes and I will report what is needed. I hope you’ll donate. I have a GoFundMe set up and/or you can donate to my Venmo @TravelTeachRead. I don’t need your money. I promise every penny will go to help. So far it’s bought some tools and a dolly.

Before we had even been on the ground five hours we were already meeting with a private transport group. This is a seriously dedicated small group of people that’s taking supplies over the border into Ukraine and all the way to the frontlines of the fighting.

What do they need most?  Celox! Hemostatics! Powders and bandages. This is it! This is how you can help. Go to Amazon and buy Celox Rapid Ribbon and send it this way. Or if you’re not the Amazon type you can get something almost as good at your neighborhood Walmart. This is what you’re looking for:

We met with the couple for about three hours talking all about what they’ve been doing and how we can help them. They get as many donations as they can from anywhere and everywhere, unpack them from how they were shipped, re-arrange them into new boxes so everything can fit better, cram as many supplies as they can into a truck, and then off the driver goes.

We arranged to meet them at their warehouse in two days to help pack the next load.

The next morning, this morning, we woke up, had a nice breakfast at Gossip Cafe, then thought we’d walk over to a shelter for refugees we had been put in touch with.

When we walked in and didn’t really know what to say or ask but said we wanted to volunteer and OMG they put us to work! We were not dressed for it and hadn’t really planned to stay at that moment, but instead we stayed 6 hours. There is so much to do! My husband built a cabinet. My teen daughter entertained children by calling bingo numbers and I went to the hardware store to buy some tools.

The refugees do have their basic needs met. They have food and a bed to sleep in, but there are many more needs. I could still be there working now. They need a lot.

We noticed they were hauling furniture up four flights of stairs with no dolly and my husband suggested I go buy one. That turned into a bit of a fiasco, it turns out they’re not so easy to find here in Krakow, but I found one at a supply warehouse online and it will be delivered in two days! I got this one. It’s especially made for use on stairs.

Apparently there are five shelters for refugees in Krakow alone. I plan to visit all five of them. I will give updates.